About me

Abel Bascunana is a games industry professional that has worked on several roles.

  • He started as QA tester at Gameloft Ibérica (Spain) in 2005, testing more than 50 games, among them Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, Kong the Movie, etc.  Later he simultaneously tested and translated games at the same company.
  • He shifted totally to games translation at Gameloft Montreal (Canada), translating about 60 titles, amongst them Lost, Desperate Housewives, more Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell and some Nintendo DS titles.
  • He then worked in Customer Support at GOA Services (Dublin) for the EA Mythic/Bioware MMORPG Warhammer Online.
  • Afterwards, he was Spanish Community Manager for the same company on Warhammer Online.
  • Later on, he was offered a QA Lead position at Gammick Entertainment (Spain). He was in charge of managing and mentoring a group of testers and unfolding the testing plans of 5 games for Nintendo DS, Wii and Xbox 360. Amongst the titles he worked on Little Red’s Riding Hood ZOMBIE BBQ, that was considered among the 2009 Top 5 DS games by IGN.com.
  • No sooner he finished his job at Gammick, he started working as Spanish Community Coordinator at Funcom (Switzerland) for the MMORPG Age of Conan: Hyborean Adventures.
  • He also participated in the translation of Chronos Twins DX for Wiiware at EnjoyUp (Spain), also helping to translate press releases.
  • He has worked on some indie projects as the MMORPG Black Age Online (halted project due to lack of funds) and on the design, music composition and testing of a couple of indie casual games.
  • Abel is currently working as Spanish translator at BigFishGames in Cork, Ireland.

He’ll use this blog to share some insights of his personal experiences in the games industry.

Damn, why am i talking in third person?

One of my passions is games design. I’ve been playing so many games that I couldn’t really tell the number, but it’s probably in the order of thousands. I’m fascinated in discovering what makes games funny (or not) and the psychology behind its gameplay, so I’d like to share my thoughts with you so we can study together the principles of game design.

I also enjoy making music, even I’m not a genius lol, expect some songs or loops from time to time, specially applied to videogames.

If you have any enquiry you can contact me at stalyan.goa(at)gmail(dot)com, no problemo =)

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